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Privacy policy

Like you GK(hereafter “we” or “our company”) have put in place the following practices to protect our customer’s personally identifiable information.

Safeguarding of Personal Information

We handle personally identifiable information with the greatest care taking the appropriate safety measures to prevent loss, defacing, tampering, leakage and unauthorized access.

Boundaries of Information

The boundaries are as follows: All personally identifiable information given to us though documents, electronic devices, homepage, or by spoken word, and any private information that we collected in order to provide our services is kept confidential. Any other information that we acquire and manage is also confidential.
We never disclose personal information about any individual’s name, address, phone number, e-mail address, place of employment, or date of birth, which by using this information, one can identify who the individual is except as needed for appropriate purposes. This also includes information that can be crosschecked with other detail to identify an individual.

The Purpose and Domain of Use

We use them in order to provide our services, or any other tasks that comes along with it.

Limitations on Sharing the Information with a Third Party

We will never share your personally identifiable information with any third parties unless we have stated our intention to do so. However, in case of emergency, when it is difficult to get permission from the person concerned, to protect the safety and security of our clients, we reserve the right to use and release any information that we have collected subject to applicable law.

Following of the Law concerning Personally Identifiable Information

We will always follow laws and regulations concerning personally identifiable information that we obtained.

For inquiries regarding personal information, please contact
CEO Masahiro Nishimura
TEL: +81-80-5015-7630


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